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Our Mission

Our mission is to connect businesses, organizations, and higher education institutions to a network of diverse students who are pursuing post-secondary education and career paths.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide the platform that executes our mission to build up and prepare youth and young adults for future success, while integrating them with post-secondary education institutions and corporations for shared success.


Our Values

We value having faith, respect, and compassion, regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, socioeconomic status, or background. Humanity and humility are at the core of our belief system. We are all in this together - to help one another and pull each other forward.


The App

Our web and mobile apps are multidirectional and universal. We provide guidance to youth for academic assistance and achievement, as well as career planning and development for corporate and trade industries, and entrepreneurial pathways.

The PWFWD app is an easy-to-use platform comprised of robust tools, features, and services to support youth, organizations, and corporations faster, efficiently, and more abundantly. 


Our Founder


Qiana Hicks overcame great obstacles as a youth by envisioning a future for herself of brighter tomorrows. Her journey is documented in her personal memoir, Life in Its Rawest Form: A True Story of Perseverance and Triumph.

Overcoming a past filled with abuse, neglect, poverty, and adolescent parenthood, Qiana was able to imagine a future with achievement and prosperity, for which she carved out her own pathway to attain.


With the realization that she too deserved better, Qiana took a leap of faith by setting her hopes on something unforeseen – a Pathway Forward through education attainment that would lead to prosperous career opportunities. She utilized resources that are often taken for granted – career fairs, community centers, mentors, and lessons from her community. What she didn't realize at the age of 15 - when she thought she was choosing a path solely to be able to provide for her child - was that she was preparing herself to use these abilities in the future to help others like her 12–15-year-old self and beyond.  


Qiana went on to obtain an undergrad in Computer Science and a Master’s in Business. She now has over 20 years of experience in the IT field and is using her tech and testimony to pay it forward. Having experience on both sides (the problem and the solution) she is the proof of concept and is ready to pave the way for Pathway Forward.

Our Founder
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